Swim, ski, fish, camp and relax at Lake Bolac

Before the white man came, a tribe of aborigines known as the Boolucburrers regularly gathered around the lake which they called Boloke.  European settlers later started calling it Lake Bolac.

The freshwater lake was created when recent lava flows from the local volcanic cones altered the flow and dammed the former bed of the Fiery Creek, creating a depression which filled to form the lake. These lava flows also formed the bluestone banks to the north of the town. The volcanic eruptions occurred approximately 20,000 years ago, within the dreamtime of the Boolucburrers.

The freshwater lake is 27 kilometres around the foreshore and covers 1460 hectacres.  When full, Lake Bolac is about 6-7 feet deep and is a popular boating, fishing and sailing area.

Lake Bolac is located on Glenelg Highway/Ararat-Mortlake Road, 50 kilometres south of Ararat, 100 kilometres west of Ballarat and is within easy driving distance to the Grampians National Park and The Great Ocean Road.